Wahoo Boots on the Ground


Our mission is to harness the enthusiasm of volunteers, including member of the local adult soccer community and other groups, to provide direct assistance to people in need and the organizations that serve them. More specifically:

  • We want to do good, primarily in the local community.

  • We imagine that the doing good means a personal involvement in the effort. This is as compared to activities that primarily give money away.

  • We feel strongly about local people in need, including immediate situations, about youth in the community, about youth sports, about scholarships for youth in need, and related ideas; We feel less strongly about large philanthropic entities, big platform ideas, changing the world ideas.

How we helped in 2020-2021: Read our Annual Report

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Wahoo Boots On The Ground (Literally)

2020-August Delivering groceries to families in Framingham

2020-September Delivering school supplies for 100 Framingham students

2020-September Delivering Groceries

2021-July Ryan Murdock and Tali Wong receive first annual Boots Scholarship Award for Team and Community Contributions

2021-July Nicholas Abreu attended YMCA soccer camp thanks to a Boots scholarship